Bible-for-LIVING-THE-WORDWelcome to Going Further with the Sermon. This material is edited by me, Rev. Bob Johnson. It is intended to help you go further with the biblical text and main thought of the weekly sermon. It can be used stand alone, or to supplement the 140-character limit of the daily sermon texts.

Click on the “Sermon Extensions” tab above. There you will find a list of PDF documents, one for each sermon. The format of each week’s material is the same. Below the sermon series and title, you will find the name of the week’s preacher and the date of the sermon. Then you will find the scripture text for the week, a concise summary of the sermon (usually prepared by the preacher), a list of the week’s sermon texts, commentary to further illuminate the biblical text and the preacher’s message, suggested applications, and a prayer.

I hope you find this helpful as you walk the discipleship pathway at Chapelwood! Feel free to e-mail me at bjohnson@chapelwood.org with comments or suggestions.

Yours in Christ,


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